Real Deal

Real Deal 2

Meyer 734 x C17

This one really is the REAL DEAL. From the day we bought the C17 cow we knew we had to make a full brother to the legendary Whiplash. The first flush brought us two brothers Tool and Backlash as well as our donor 625. The two bulls were close but not what we hoped for. Then along came Real Deal and we knew he was the one we were after. Compared to his brothers Real Deal is more moderate, powerful, stouter, and breeds more look and hair into his calves. He is more consistent and just makes them the “right kind” He’s as good haired Meyer son as we have ever seen. We believe Real Deal is the Whiplash brother that everyone needs to be using.  Now deceased Real Deal has left us some great females and will play a big role in our future. 


Schools Out


Blazer (Kryptonite x Whiplash) x C17

Schools Out lines up some greats in his pedigree. He traces back to C17 three times. He is consistent and productive. His daughters have picture perfect udders and are productive. Schools Out will moderate frame, add structure, a great hip, and lots of look. 






Double Up

Kryptonite (Whiplash x Windsor) x Whiplash

A few years back Todd Hixon and I bought a group of heifers from Nate Lupher. About half the group were the first calves out of a bull he called Blazer. Those heifers got better every day of their lives and when we calved them out we knew we had to own the bull. We couldn’t have been more right. Blazer has left his imprint on both our herds. Blazer stamps his calves like peas in a pod. They are good and they are productive. We can’t have enough Blazer daughters. He’s proven to be a great female sire. A daughter of note is the mother of the promotional bull Jesse James. Unfortunately we lost the bull but he will continue to make an impact on our herds.                

No picture available, son pictured. 


Blazer daughter


Beast Mode

Adrenaline Son.jpg

Whiplash x Windsor 

Beast Mode is a full brother to Kryptonite and Adrenaline. Kryptonite died at a young age. Rob Vanhove could write a book about the great Adrenaline females he’s produced. Beast Mode is an absolute stand out. He is sound as a cat, massive from behind and has a killer look. Beast Mode breeds that power and look into his calves. 


Summit 17

Summit 17

Summit 8103 x C17

A brother to Whiplash. Real Deal, and Blazer but in a perfect Hereford marked package. C17 has worked with every bull she’s been bred to. 8103 is the sire of Bases loaded and was a cornerstone for Begalka. Summit 17 is absolutely perfect in his feet and legs. He’s massive hipped and good haired. We feel he’s very unique for a red and white one. 



OCC Undertow


OCC Paxton x OCC Anchor

Our pick from Ohlde Cattle. This OCC Paxton son is the easiest fleshing most efficient bull we have ever been around. He stamps his daughters with body and fleshing ability, as a bonus they are high quality and attractive. This sure-fire heifer bull is leaving some great daughters in the herd. 


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