Jarman C17 rf-1

Lash x Maine Angus

Pictured at 19 years of age.  

The mother of Whiplash and so many more C17 is one of the greatest cows to ever play the game. She is the cornerstone of White Rooster Cattle. Her influence can be seen through her sons Real Deal, Schools Out, Summit 17 as well as her daughter. This powerful female stamped her calves with as much look and correctness as any we have ever been around. 

Pictured below are some of the many AI sires that go back to the legendary C17.



OCC Justright x OCC Anchor

2013 was purchased from Ohlde Cattle. 2013 has had as much impact on our cow herd as any cow. We think that 2013 along with the legendary C17 are the most prolific and powerful females we have ever owned. 2013 breeds with more power, look, and mass than any Angus cow we have ever owned. Her donor daughter 917 is following in her footsteps. Her Real deal heifer calves all sold to Wyoming and are making their own mark. A true power cow. 



Mailman x C17

We had a chance to add this donor to our herd and we jumped at the chance. She’s along in years but her track record is there. She is the dam of Aftershock. F70 absolutely works with Blazer. Todd Hixon has a couple daughters that are awesome. She’s older but she’s been a good one. 



Whiplash x Lupher

G32 is the mother of Blazer and as pretty and powerful as any cow we’ve seen. Blazer was great and it’s easy to see why once you’ve been around this cow. She’s a prime example of why the Whiplash cattle are so highly sought after. 



Meyer 734 x C17

This full sister to Whiplash has been the defenition of productive. Her daughter and sons have been some of our best. She adds the bone, mass, and look that make Whiplash daughters some of the most sought after cows.


021 Donor

Who Made Who x Whiplash

We were glad to add 021 to our donor line up. Purchased McLemore Farms 021 is the dam of their herd sire MF Hog. Hog has left some great females at McLemore Farms. She has proven to be consistent and powerful. 021 has the power, look, bone, and hair that everyone is after.

Pictured below are daughters of MF Hog.



Irish Whiskey x 2013

Every one needs a good Whiskey daughter. 917 is exactly that, GOOD. Out of our 2013 donor 917 is a power cow. We’ve sold every calf this young cow has ever raised. We sent a heifer to Wyoming and the next year she raised the highest selling steer we have ever raised. This young cow is headed to the ET pen. She just makes them right. 



Heatwave x C17

927 is pretty unique. Sired by Heatwave out of the dam of Whiplash. 927 is super attractive and powerful. We promoted and sold a flush brother to 927. She has worked when mated clubby or maternal. With a perfect udder and lots of milk we look forward to adding more daughters to our herd. 



Duff Outer Limits x 927

134 is a power cow. Super balanced soft and big hipped. 134 is out of our 927 donor and has the same great udder. She has been very productive. Her Bandwagon heifer will find her way onto this page soon. 

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