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I-67 X 401 (Gold Standard x Blazer x Whiskey x C17)

DOB – Jan 2016

BW – 79    WW- 675

401 is a two-year-old out of one of our good young cows. This bull’s pedigree reads like a who’s who in great cow families, I-80, Gold Standard, Blazer, Whiplash, Irish Whiskey. He’s great on his feet and legs, big middled, stout and attractive.  He’s sure to impress with mass and power packed into a functional attractive package. He checks all the boxes.  With a 79# birth weight, he’s a heifer bull deluxe.



Safe BetSafe Bet 2

Safe Bet ( EXT x OCC Anchor x Whiplash) x 402 (OCC Undertow x Blazer x Whiplash)

DOB – Feb 2016

BW – 78 WW- 670

This high percentage Angus bull has the look of a maternal powerhouse. When it comes to lining up powerful cow families and great cows this guy has it in spades. There are a lot of really good really consistent females behind this bull and it shows. 402 is big bodied, sound and has a great shoulder and neck. Use him on heifers with confidence and keep all his daughters. He’s going to make someone a herd of really great females and steers that are sound, feed, and have a lot of look. White Rooster Cattle retains an in herd semen interest.



Anchor x Whiplash.png


OCC Anchor x Full Sister to Whiplash (Meyer 734 x C17)

DOB – 2016

BW – 89  WW- 1065 (at 231 days)

POWERHOUSE- We think this OCC Anchor son is an absolute herd bull. A picture doesn’t do this bull justice. You have to see him in person to appreciate the mass, power, hip, and structure. We used this bull on a small group of cows and already wish we had used him more. His dam is an impressive sister of the maternal legend Whiplash. 625 is the kind of bull you’ll never have enough daughters out of. As a bonus, he has an extra shot of performance. 625 weighed in at an impressive 1400 lbs just a  few days over a year of age. An absolute powerhouse this one needs a name and to be promoted. White Rooster will retain half interest in this bull, terms are negotiable.


Undertow Son.png

OCC Undertow (OCC Paxton x OCC Anchor) x 647 (Real Deal x Cerveza)

DOB – April 2016

BW – 75 WW- 620

We held this May 2 year old over and are glad we did. He’s an absolute meat wagon. He is big ribbed big topped and big butted. When you see him it’s hard not to think  “Butts, Nuts, and Guts” He was unassisted out of a first calf heifer. His mom is a Real Deal that has a great udder and is proving to be a very productive young cow. Heifer bull.


Blazer x 134Blazer x 134 - 2


Blazer x 134 (Duff Outer Limits x HW x C17)

DOB – April 2016

BW – 85 WW- 655

This Blazer son has all the look and balance you can put into one. He has all the parts. Look at the pictures and the pedigree. He’s made like a steer sire but is bred to be a great female sire. We love the shape and power this bull possesses as well as his perfect hip and pin placement. 134 is a pleasure to watch flex and move and has tremendous look from the side. His mother is a drop dead, stone cold, beauty that has already made her mark on our herd. This is her first son and he’s impressively good. He’s a very unique bull that we think is going to do some great things. White Rooster Cattle retains an in herd semen interest.



undertow x 405

Safe Bet ( EXT x OCC Anchor x Whiplash) x 405 (OCC Undertow x Whiplash)

DOB – 2016

BW – 80  WW- 785

This yearling bull was unassisted out of a first calf heifer. He has lots of power and look. He should make some great daughters and steers with lots of look. He’s backed by some great cow families. His mom has a perfect udder and lots of milk.