Fall Fair Pigs Waiting List

It’s that time of year. As we prepare to farrow spring litters we are taking names on our “Fall Fair Pigs Waiting List”.  Give us a call, text, or email to get on the list.

Taylor (435-720-0766) email – jarman.taylorj@gmail.com

We are very excited about these litters. We have a great set of females sired by Boars like Not Even Close, Pathfinder and Center Stage.

These great females were bred to what we think are some of the hottest most proven sires out there. We will have litters sired by NO WAY, ON FIRE, SAVAGE, and WEDDING NIGHT due to start farrowing the 2nd-week of February.   These guys should work great for a July to Labor Day fair.

We expect these to be deep impressive litters. We are excited to get the best pigs we can produce to great homes. Here are a few examples of our October litters this year.

Feel free to call, text, or email anytime.

Taylor (435-720-0766) Jarman.taylorj@gmail.com

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