Bulls For sale

We have a very impressive set of bulls for sale. These bulls are the result of a breeding program focused on producing practical, maternal oriented cattle with added power, substance, and look. We believe that each one of these bulls will leave a legacy of great females and are the kind to build a herd with. Each of these are backed by a great cow family with a proven track record. Please, contact us with any questions.



Lincoln x 307 (Black Rhino X C17)

DOB – May 2015

BW – 83    WW- 680

This coming 2 year old was a hold over from last year. He was one of our favorites, but we just didn’t feel like he was old enough to sell last spring. A year later and we couldn’t be more impressed. 307 has it all. Mass, power, structure, and look to burn. We thought a lot about keeping him to use our selves. His mother is a direct daughter of the great C17 (The mother of Whiplash and Real Deal) and the mother of one of the most productive cows we have ever owned. She’s got some age on her and due to this will live the rest of her days in the donor pen. Don’t miss out on a great bull and an even better cow family.



OCC Anchor x 625 (Meyer x C17)

DOB – March 2016

BW – 89    WW -1065 (at 231 days)

The only thing more impressive than this young stud is his proven powerhouse pedigree. OCC Anchor out of a full sister to the Legend Whiplash. WOW, you’d be hard pressed to find a bull with such a unique, but proven pedigree. This was our 625 donor’s natural calf and probably her best to date. With a birth weight of 89 lbs and weaning of 1065 this blazed face bull has the power to make a great maternal sire. He’s sound, massive and just flat good. White Rooster Cattle will retain 1/4 interest. 625 weighed in at an impressive 1400 lbs just a  few days over a year of age.



I-67 X 401 (Gold Standard x Blazer x Whiskey x C17)

DOB – Jan 2016

BW – 79    WW- 675

This bull’s pedigree reads like a who’s who in great cow families, I-80, Gold Standard, Blazer, Whiplash, Irish Whiskey. He’s great on his feet and legs, big middled, stout and attractive.  Out of a first calf heifer who has a bright future. With a 79# birth weight he’s a heifer bull deluxe.



Blazer X 134 (Outerlimits x Heatwave x C17)

DOB – April 2016

BW – 85    WW – 655

This Blazer son is a little different. My wife thinks he is one of the best calves we have ever raised and doesn’t want to let him go. He’s made like a steer sire but is bred to be a great female sire. We love the shape and power this bull possesses as well as his perfect hip and pin placement. 134 is a pleasure to watch flex and move and has tremendous look from the side. His mother is a drop dead, stone cold, beauty that has already made her mark on our herd. This is her first son and he’s impressively good. He’s a very unique young bull that we think is going to do some great things. White Rooster Cattle retains 1/4 interest.



Anchor x 205 ( OCC Undertow x Whiskey x Blazer)

DOB – March 2016

BW – 80    WW – 670

This high percentage Angus bull is sound as a cat, good bodied with an extra shot of look and style. Out of an impressive first calf heifer with a great pedigree. He had an 80# birth weight and would make a great heifer bull. He’s got the body and pedigree to make great females but plenty of look and hair to raise competitive steers out of first calf heifers.



OCC Undertow x 647 ( Real Deal x Cerveza)

DOB – April 2016

BW – 75    WW – 620

Another impressive bull backed by a powerful pedigree. 647 has the mass, body, and fleshing-ability of Undertow with the look and style of his Real Deal x Cerveza dam. Out a first calf heifer with a 75# birth weight he’s a great choice for a heifer bull. He’s going to make someone a herd of really great females.

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